FAQ’s | Infomation

Vendor Sign-Up

  1. Register to become a user
    • This is the first step in becoming a user on the Cashless Exchange. Select the second icon from the right on the top navigation. (icon is a pencil writing on a square)
    • Once selected please enter the following information
      • Email
      • Username
      • Password
      • Name  
  2. Buy vendor enrollment product using Valu
    • This valu purchase is to help us begin marketing your business the moment you join
    • First, you go to to the product called “Vendor Sign-Up” being sold by Interum.
    • You add the item to your cart and then proceed to your cart.
    • One in your cart, confirm your purchase by pressing the “Proceed To Checkout” button
    • On this page, you will fill out your payment information
    • At the bottom of the page, you will select the trade exchange “Cashless Exchange” and enter your Vendor ID number
    • Your Vendor ID number is displayed when you hover over your on the top right side displaying your user Icon.
  3. Enroll as a vendor
    • Once you have become a user and bought the Vendor Sign-Up item, you can now start the vendor registration form
    • To begin, click the dashboard button on the top navigation bar.
    • Fill out all forms that apply to your business.
      • More fields you fill out the faster you are approved
    • After all the fields are filled out, select the “Apply to be a vendor” button at the bottom.

Vendor Enrollment Form

  1. Store
    • Store Description
      • This is the description that will display on your businesses store page right below your store image.
    • Store Website / Blog URL – your website domain name or URL
    • Store Phone
    • Store Address
    • Store Country
  2. Payment
    • PayPal Address
    • Bank Account Name
    • Bank Account Number
    • Bank Name
    • Bank Routing Number
    • Bank IBAN
    • Bank BIC/SWIFT
  3. Branding –  you will be able to upload to this as soon as you have been approved as a vendor.
  4. Social
    • Twitter Username
    • Instagram Username
    • Facebook URL
    • LinkedIn URL
    • YouTube URL
    • Pinterest URL
    • Google+ URL
    • Snapchat Username
  5. Policies
  6. SEO
    • SEO Title
    • Meta description – this is a field you use to help search engines know what your store is about
    • Meta keywords – this is a field you use to help search engines find your store
    • Facebook title – the title of your business’s Facebook page
    • Facebook description – a description that describes what your facebook page
    • Twitter title -the title of your business’s twitter page
    • Twitter description this is a maximum of 200 characters

How To Add A Product

  1. Product Description – this description is placed at the bottom of the image page under the “Description” tab. This is used to give exact information about this product or service. (ex. Size, time, full description, additional info, health info, delivery info, packaging info)
  2. Product Short Description – this description is displayed to the right of the product image. This is to simply state quickly what your product is and the sales pitch for it.
  3. Categories –
  4. Tags – add search terms for your products
  5. Featured Image –  this is the image that will display on the shop and store page advertising your product.
  6. Gallery – these will be all images related to your product or products.
  7. Product Type
    • Simple product – one product with no variations of the product.
    • Grouped product – multiple products with no variations of the products.
    • Variable product – one product with more that one variation of the product.
    • Virtual – not a physical product being bought (ex. virtual services: Design, Programming, Virtual Assistance)
    • Downloadable – premade virtual products that can be downloadable on purchase confirmation. (ex. Stock Photos, Software, Documents)