About Us

Cashless Exchange is an Interum integrated marketplace powered by Petra. This marketplace is designed to let merchants use their store’s Valu to Exchange for services that our company offers. These services range from web development to advertising, and anything in between. All this is set up to help you grow as a business as well as increase your market footprint.

As a business owner, your main goal is to see your business grow and prosper. But to do this you must attract new customers plus retain current ones. This is traditionally done through marketing and advertising which can get expensive.

This is where the Cashless Exchange comes into the picture. Cashless Exchange was developed for local businesses and designed to let you use your own talents, services, and products as a currency we call Valu. Valu is your digital currency that can be used on our platform and to trade with other members for a variety of services that help you stay competitive and reduce operating costs. 

Join The Community

Join the Community

Take the first step by joining the community and signing up as a merchant.

Spend Valu

Spend Valu

Spending your Valu into the community allows you to trade with other members.

Expand Market Reach

Expand Market Reach

Trade and network with other merchants for business services and supplies you need.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Through our customer loyalty program we will bring cash paying customers to your business.

Join Our Evolving Marketplace

Post products and trade within your community.

Ad Exchange

A fresh way to take on advertising!


Paper that feeds your business.


Fostering Loyalty with your customers!